Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review With Overheating Check! (Asphalt 8, NOVA 3, MC5, GTA)

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Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review With Overheating Check! | AllAboutTechnologies.

K4 Note Gaming Review with Games like GTA San Andreas, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, and NOVA 3 with Temp Checking (Overheating Check).

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28 Comments on Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review With Overheating Check! (Asphalt 8, NOVA 3, MC5, GTA)

  1. Sir! would you please make one more Gaming review Or simply tell me game lagginess are fixed or not after such OS updated on K4 Note. Few days ago, my friend said Asphalt 8 game runs very smoothly on high graphics setting on this K4 Note device.
    Sir would You please check this. Run only Asphalt 8 game only.
    Thank You.

  2. in the asphalt 8, the game is the problem not the phone,asphalt 8 lags when your phone screen resolution is high like this k4 1080p and your processor and gpu is not so powerful even mediatek mt6753 octa with malit720 is not enough but in old mt6752 with malit760 it play smooth even in high settings without lag

  3. U said in ur latest vid that it is decent 4 gaming..and what is this..ur reviws is not very good.
    i have vibe x3 more expensive then k4 note that was i m comparing these two..cos i spend 10000 extra..vibe x3 wins

  4. Dude you are a fake…… There is no shadow in the game you are playing, where the hell do you even see the shadows. Clearly this phone has issues. That's what happens when you roll a MALI T720 PHONE IN A MALI T880 ERA.

  5. Dude San Andreas is not in max graphics…… the car reflections was not in max neither was the resolution and draw distance, and as I clearly noticed nor was the shadow.

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