Lenovo K4 Note Camera Review with Pictures and Video | AllAboutTechnologies

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Lenovo K4 Note Camera Review with Pictures and Video | AllAboutTechnologies.

K4 Note comes with 13MP Camera and 5MP front Camera.

Buy K4 Note : http://goo.gl/Yks3R4

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33 Comments on Lenovo K4 Note Camera Review with Pictures and Video | AllAboutTechnologies

  1. I bought a k4 note.. I didn't like the camera very much.. I can see a lot of noise in the pictures.. can u tell if nexus 5x will give me better photos so I can change my phone to 5x?

  2. tell me whether the camera of Asus zenfone 2 Ze551ml is better than lenovo k4 note or not,because in asus indoor images contain lots of noise and also Yellowish pic taken due to dual tone Led flash from asus too…..so plz just tell me which one has better capturing power.

  3. Hi, I have this phone for more than 10 days and since the first day I have experienced a slight static disturbance (on a considerably low volume setting) when I connect my Sennheiser CX 180 while listening to music/play games. I have tried to find out other users with similar experiences but have found none. Did you manage to test your earphones on very low volume setting. If you face similar issues please do share.

  4. hey there, I am using k4 note from 2 days. I don't know what the problem of flash light is.. When I click a photo with flash , photo looks browny for the dual tone flash but when I capture photos without flash than I plays good. So I want to know your comment. have you any problem with this ?? If no than what should I do ?? plz reply

  5. i have k4 note in that i frequently get notification saying new broadcast which is in chinese and coudn't forcestop app.if done its again notifying it goes upto 62 notification,frequently plz say whether it is in all mobile or only in my mobile.

  6. You say the artificial/low light image shows noise.

    This could be because the image processing software is less aggressive in noise removal, and because of this the image details could be preserved to a greater extent.

    Some other phones remove more noise but at the same time a lot of detail is lost.

    Can you please advise if more detail has been preserved compared to other phone cameras, despite the noise present?

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