LEGO® Movie Maker app: Animation Tips and Tricks

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Learn new tips and tricks for improving your stop-motion animation movies with the LEGO® Movie Maker app! The LEGO Movie Maker app lets you make your own LEGO movies, just like you see on Ask a parent to download the LEGO Movie Maker app from the App Store. Available on iTunes App Store devices only.

37 Comments on LEGO® Movie Maker app: Animation Tips and Tricks

  1. They should come out with an update were that add different backgrounds you can out behind shots like a city background or Forrest background. I also want them to input a trick called masking in this app so it does look like mini figures are flying

  2. please no hate comments Lego I am not trying to be the bad guy but if you are not playing to make this for Android then PROBABLY AND ONLY PROBALY you should stop saying don't forget to have fun becuse some Android pepole watch these tips and tricks videos hope you will get plaans to make on android to becuse I've signed a petion soooooooooo

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