LeEco Le 2, Le 2Pro and Le Max 2 Hands On

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Hands on with the new LeEco Le 2, Le 2Pro and Le 2 Max, which offer great specs in sleek bodies and the latter is the first phone to sport 6GB of RAM

The HTC 10 can come with a couple special friends – this is our review of the Ice View Case and the powerful Hi-Res Audio Earphones!

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29 Comments on LeEco Le 2, Le 2Pro and Le Max 2 Hands On

  1. cuoco92 and steve mars supported letv le eco devices.. thank you.. and this time letv x900 dont support 6.0 marchmallow 🙁

    to work cuoco92 and steve mars thank you..

    but the phone is very high quality !!
    but the quality is not everything! software support is very important !!

    I did not use the X900 still 6.0

    accessories little jacket cover v.ss ..

    I'm taking a few days , but 64 GB mi5

  2. I may not speak for everyone when it comes to saying this, but not trying to sound rude or anything, but is it possible for you guys to turn down the background music during your guys' commentary? Because it's very distracting when I'm trying to listen to what you guys have to say.

  3. about no headphone jack , the phone comes with a headphone jack adapter for the headphone jack , so if u have a headphone jack u can use it on any letv 2 series, however letv type-c speical ear buds that u can buy are better , they give better sound quality , i highly suggest buying this phone

  4. I've be researching and researching but I can't find a place where I can purchase this item safely I tried oppomart it had horrible reviews then eBay they jacked up the price then amazon not sure if they had the correct phone. Can I get a little guide in this phone buying process or is it not worth it. Little help please and thank you.

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