Lecture 1 iOS App Icon Specifications

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Lecture 1 iOS App Icon Specifications Reveal!!

How does anyone get acquainted with an app, for example, surfing through an application store? There are two things that catch the eye at first: the name and the icon. These two constituents often may define whether the app will make users feel they want it – or at least make them feel that it’s worth checking. Only then come the description, user interface, and everything else. The capabilities and the experience of your application will be assessed later – not that much in terms of time, but in terms of users’ impressions. It might take just an icon for the user to picture the whole experience, intuitivity, security and functionality in the mind.

When an app represents a brand, a company, it’s generally far easier to create a great icon, since there is a ready logo, and the whole icon design will basically revolve around it. If the app is a unique entity in itself, its icon must depict it in the most precise way possible.


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