Leaked: Blackberry “Venice” with Android, S6 Plus & OnePlus 2 – Android Weekly

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30 Comments on Leaked: Blackberry “Venice” with Android, S6 Plus & OnePlus 2 – Android Weekly

  1. This guy Lol, #CRACKBERRY
    I loved the Note 3 9005, then had eyes for BB Q5 even though iphone 6, Note 4 AND 4 Edge came to be. Now I still love Note 3 9005 and have eyes for BB Q10 even though iphone 6S, Note 5 and other high end phones are out I WILL WAIT FOR THE BB VENICE ANDROID AND MY NOTE 3 9005

  2. why the diss for the physical qwerty keyboard? I still liked and always preferred physical keyboards. just got used to touchscreen keyboard over the years because people stopped making them. Glad to see the physical keyboard make its way back.

  3. Everyone is always complaining that blackberry phones need MORE, MORE, MOOOOREEE. THIS PHONE HAS EVERYTHING PEOPLE. You're asking for unreasonable things like dual-boot, and it's just not possible. It has the sexy curves of the S6 Edge, an amazing battery, the flexibility of Android, AND A KEYBOARD THAT WE HAVEN'T SEEN ON AN ANDROID PHONE IN YEARS. This phone is killer, and if this is as good as the hype says it is, I'll absolutely be picking one up, and dropping my S6.

  4. the fading away from a physical key bored in smart phones always was my least favorite thing with new phones. they really were the easiest way to type and manufactures kinda forced it out so its awesome to see it have a comeback! hopefully this doesn't happen with micro SD and removable backs

  5. Literally everything I've been looking for! My grandma asked me to put a new sim in her Samsung Slide phone and holding it after so so so many years just gave a really nice reminiscing feeling, so I hopped on eBay looking for the most up-to-date phone with a slide keyboard & here Blackberry are!

    One MAJOR downside, if they're exclusive to AT&T do not buy. They're directly linked to NSA monitoring & Blackberry will lose its credibility as a secure private phone (for business users & general consumers) that was also a major selling point they NEED to keep in todays market

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