LATEST iPhone 7 Rumors: Leaked Pictures, Release Date, and More!

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As we get closer to the release date, more and more rumors and leaks about the iphone 7 are revealed. Here are some of the latest rumors about the new iphone 7, that include wireless charging, no headphone jack, and it’s release date.

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6 Comments on LATEST iPhone 7 Rumors: Leaked Pictures, Release Date, and More!

  1. I don't really like the look very much or the I like the cool new headphone thing and the wireless charging but I still REALLLY don't like the design it really bad but I really like you videos I think you have a new subscriber , well after I'm don't commenting so in a couple seconds I should stop typing now so I can subscribe , BYE!!!????

  2. this will be the specs of the phone right here we go cracks knuckles
    it will have a 10 megapixel rear facing camera
    it will have a 6 mega pixel front facing camera
    it will have a A9 X processor with 3 gigs of ram
    it will have a 6 inch lcd display with gorilla glass 4 screen
    it will have a aluminium body and a range of colors to chose from
    it will have a usb type c and Bluetooth 4.4 also nfc for buying shit
    it will have a double pair of front facing speakers and a 3d touch home button
    it will have the new ios 10 pre installed
    it will be available in 32gb 64gb and 128gb
    it will have wireless charging and a new type of headset jack
    well thats my idea but yer let me no what you think guys and girls

  3. If apple remove the heatphone jack 2 years later no phone company makes phones with the heatphone jack apple is just taking the step for all the company's

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