KODI – Complete Setup Guide 2016

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Today I unleash to you the complete setup guide for KODI or XBMC. I include how to install the most popular Repositories (repos) which in turn give you access to the most popular Add-ons, Programs, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, in fact anything you could imagine from a Complete Entertainment System!

I guide you through it and show you the best. Then at the end I show you how you can install a complete pre configured working KODI build with all the features already set up for you!

Please, if anything does not work or if you would like anything else covered, give me a shout in the comments and will help you out as much as I can.

*WARNING* Some of these addons may allow you to view media that you may not own or have access to. This is illegal in some countries and you should only use and view any media that you have consumer rights to do so. Most countries allow you to view or use your digital good in any way you see fit. This tutorial simply shows a simple way to organize…

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  1. Kodi, I have used Kodi for a long time now. The problem is ,so many make all these repos and do not check to see if are working properly . I would say 98-99% do not work, or have buffering problems, broken. My download speed is between 140-170 bps, not the computer. Some one needs to check them, if do not work remove them. I have tried a lot of builds, most do not work! I think Kodi will be in the past if a lot of things are not changed, their will be something better.

  2. Having an issue with kodi only installing to 99.9% and when I open kodi.exe it works first time but not after… Says python27.dll is missing and I've already tried reinstalling… It's on a Windows 7 O's … While whole time it's still at 99% … HELP!!!

  3. I had never downloaded Kodi or dealt with it before but you walked me through everything PERFECTLY & I completely understand it now. You are awesome!!!! Thanks a million :)

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