Jordan’s Farewell, Android N Freeform Mode, CM13 Nightlies for Zenfone 2

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It’s Friday, March 24, 2016, and, for one last time, Jordan talks about what happened this week over at

Some of the exciting news from this week include the announcement of price and launch date for the LG G5! The Samsung Note 5 is receiving Android Marshmallow and Android N’s freeform window mode can be enabled. Those stories and more are discussed, so check out this video!

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26 Comments on Jordan’s Farewell, Android N Freeform Mode, CM13 Nightlies for Zenfone 2

  1. Good Morning my friend This is Mondy thank you for every thing and I went apple now with jailbreak waiting on an 9.3.1 but if there is anyway for me to get a Nexus 6 I would appreciate it I also like the opa or whatever the cm phone in maybe even a MIUI phone from china.

  2. You have done a great job on XDA (at one point I thought it was your channel ?). I'm glad I've subscribed to you on your personal channel as I like your content however you will be missed on XDA.

  3. All the best Jordan.
    You have been one of the best presenters to explain things in a clear and understanding way in my view.
    I will miss you talking from XDA but will keep up with you on your own channel.
    Thanks again

  4. Man! I'm already subscribed to your channel but still.. watching your vids here on XDA has been a pleasure. It's sad to see you leave. Best wishes and much love from Kurdistan!

  5. I just dont understand how xda with their outstanding growth could cut his salary in half and still have him do the same amount of work. It really doesnt make any sense to me.

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