It’s Time for a Better Mobile Relationship: Moto X Style

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Moto X Style will be available in countries across Europe and Latin America starting in September. Moto X Style will be available as a Pure Edition in the US starting in September.

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  1. 6:57 LOL. I don't think you guys know what "priority" means. WHERE IS 6.0.1 FOR THE PURE EDITION!? The Play has had it before any of your phones for weeks. You guys aren't even releasing monthly security patches. I regret getting this phone instead of another Nexus.

  2. I love the way Motorola pays attention to the little things. It's the little things in the software that make me enjoy my Moto X 2013 and that's why I'm upgrading to this device because it looks like they hit on all points with the hardware now too, in addition to improved software.

    I love everything about the functionality on the Moto X. The only thing I am worried about is the phones size. It might be a bit big, but I'll probably get used to it.
    Then the price point is a slap in the face to the competition. I think the phone is going to be enormously popular. I hope so, because it'll catch the attention of the case manufacturers.

  3. +Motorola Mobility

    I love this phone and already got exited when I went to Moto-Maker to build my own! This video is just icing on the cake to learn about priority updates.
    I'm all about the hardware and this phone is a best of device! It's set to be a runaway trend in how you've shaken off the greedy carriers and took hold of a market that should be regulated by the OEM… not the third party. I get to keep my 3 unlimited plans and have an uber premium device I could never justify outright through a carrier like Verizon.

    Please keep that Micro-SDXC, receiver(transceiver), and these game changing nuances in your spec sheets. For these feature as well as the display… I've already set my pre-order plans into motion!

    Thank you, so very much.

  4. Motorola should make a swiss website! I felt very angry about that because I designed a wonderfull smartphone, but I couldn't send it home to me, to switzerland! Why you can't make a website for switzerland? Please do something!

  5. As a Nexus fanboy I'll be jumping ship to the X Pure. Now I need to choose if I want to get a custom colored one from Moto Maker, or drive straight to Best Buy and buy one ASAP when it releases.

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