Is the iPhone SE Worth It?

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My iPhone SE unboxing and review – is this the 4 inch phone for you?
5 Smartphone Life Hacks:
The iPhone SE vs 6s comparison is interesting because this really is an upgraded iPhone 5s. You’re getting the same camera with 4K video, Apple A9 for solid gaming performance, improved battery life and Apple Pay support but with the same iPhone 5 / 5s design, 4 inch Retina Display, TouchID fingerprint reader and much lower $400 price for 16GB and $500 for 64GB.

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47 Comments on Is the iPhone SE Worth It?

  1. I have a 6S now but I honestly want this instead. I hate how big this damn thing is and I liked how on my 5s it looked cool, and felt better in hand. Only reason I got a 6S because Apple does that bullshit where the updates slow it down

  2. I just got the iPhone SE and have to say I actually like it, I had the 6s and I liked that as eel I don't miss the 3D Touch as I hardly used it on the 6s and until there's more features for it I won't be missing it st all, it does the job end of the day and ism happy with it

  3. You lot think you're hilarious slagging this phone off. The industry have been asking Apple to update the 4 inch iPhone for over a year, so many people chose to use a 4 inch phone because they don't like bigger phones. I own a 6S but I'd happily buy an SE if I was upgrading from an older iPhone because I genuinely don't care for a bigger screen, I enjoyed owning an iPhone 5 and 5S when they were out as did many many people. You can laugh yourself silly all you like but realistically Apple are going to earn a fuck tone of money off this phone whereas Samsung, LG, and the rest are going to either earn jack shit because they're not in this market or come out with their own 4 inch powerhouses in a year or so to compete with it.

  4. Thinking about getting this phone. Is it worth it when I'm coming from a Galaxy S5? Phone has been getting noticeably slower and I'm getting sick of the constant app crashes. And I came from an iPhone 4 before the S5 and loved it. The only thing holding me back is the size of the phone as I have big hands, but I love everything else about this phone. o~o

  5. You know that the SE only has 4 inches in size because there actually ARE people that prefer small screen sizes but don´t want to make compromises with the performance like any "small" android device

  6. I'm 15. I've been using an iPod 5g for the last 2.5 years. I still don't feel the use to get a phone. But my iPod's speed is very slow now due to iOS 9. What should I do?

  7. Switched from Android to an SE. Wanted a small, fast phone with good storage. Hard to find that with an android phone. Also like that my phone is kept up to date rather than having to cross my fingers hoping for the latest version of Android, which never came.

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