IQ Shield – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Installation Video

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OFFICIAL Installation Video for the Galaxy S7 Edge – IQ Shield

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11 Comments on IQ Shield – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Installation Video

  1. Helpful video. Read on an Android forum where some guy recommended closing bathroom door and running hot water in shower for 2 minutes to build up steam to settle down any dust particles. Did that. I let the steam evaporate for a few minutes then installed IQ shield on my S7 in my bathroom. Probably a little too anal about the dust particles for most folks, but this is a present for my wife and I wanted to be extra careful. Followed video instructions and installation was a breeze.

  2. I've heard different things about this screen protector.
    Supposedly it does not protect the screen well from scratches at all. How well does it actually deter against scratches, and is this case friendly?

  3. Which case would work best with this protector? Currently using a Spigen [Rugged Armor] Resilient case and it causes some air pockets on the corners of the screen protector..

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