iPhone SE vs Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Camera Comparison!

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Camera quality test between pocketable iPhone SE and Z5 Compact, focusing on Macro Bokeh peformance.

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23 Comments on iPhone SE vs Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Camera Comparison!

  1. More than 90% of videos and reviews online for the Z5/Z5 Compact have recurring and the same issues: slow to reboot, slow to start, camera slow to boot, purple fringing in lowlight photos, colours tend to be in a cooler tone, slow processing of photos and reloading apps in the multitasking pane. Have these been somewhat resolved in a recent update with your Z5C?

  2. why are the pictures in the screen of sony xperia darker than the real image.for example,  the image on the sony xperia at 3:27 is darker than the image at 3:37is it something to do with the x-reality, making it darker than it actually is.

  3. The reason why the background of the Z5 Compact is more blurred compared to the SE in the first picture you showed is because of the bigger aperture the Z5 Compact has compared to the SE (f2.2 vs. f2.0). And on the second picture you showed, the Z5 Compact is focused more on the main object compared to the SE which is focused more on the background, and that's the main reason for taking picture (usually people take picture of the main subject rather than the background)

  4. You better touch the screen before taking shots because I thought Z5 missed the focus on the purple flower then I realised SE focused on the back rather than that "Sharing Pitch" advert

  5. The extra background bluriness (aka bokeh) in the Z5 shots is due to the larger aperture of its camera (i.e. f2.0 vs f2.2 for the iPhone) and it's actually a desirable effect to isolate the main subject in the foreground rather than a negative. You do understand that concept since you commented on the better bokeh of the Z5's pool table shot, so I'm not sure why you didn't apply the same principle on the shots where you referred to it as a negative!
    Other than that, thanks for tbe informative comparison.

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