iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

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iPhone SE vs S7 Edge. A full speed test comparison between iPhone Se vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge including apps opening, multitasking, browsing and fingerprint reader speed test.

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35 Comments on iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. Damn that s7 is looking mean. And that white Iphone SE is looking fresh af. I never owned and Iphone before and I want the Iphone SE, but I don't know if I should buy it in white or black. Because I'm a dude and I always had black phones but it looks cool in white ?. Someone reply, in what color should I buy it

  2. who cares that the s6 is slower because it has 1440p display. its slower and thats it stop trying to find excuses for samsung. i never heard nobody saying "the iphone has worse specs" as an excuse when it is losing vs samsung so stop with these phone double standards lol ?

  3. U can compare ios to androind cause any ios game optimised for ios much more than android If u put ios on galaxt s7 eadg it will fuck se for u up ok and are u kidding khd vs fhd it need more mangment and the ram will be more usable dont compare betwin rams it is not a problim

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