iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Test!

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Camera software, photo and video quality comparison!

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41 Comments on iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Test!

  1. I prefer the iphones video capabilities. When panning with the S7 you can see the edges of the picture kind of warps due to the wide angle on such a small sensor. Less is more in this case. Also oversharpening will be a problem with the S7 when recording video. Although, stills are better on the S7.

  2. Duuude please stop using digital zoom in your video tests. Nobody uses digital zoom. If anyone who's reading this uses digital zoom on your smartphone videos please stop.

  3. No jello effect??? The S7 still have the jello effect… In photo mode the S7 is better but in video I prefer the iphone with it's natural color and smoother video..

  4. Most people are interested in the operating system and its environment, and iOS is better in that. The camera is only a part of that, so maby people will prefer iPhone SE. And it should be noted, that Samsung does not produce Android OS but Google and Apple produces iOS itself.

  5. Gotta say the SE has amazing camera quality For That Price. You really cant ask for more, great value for money there.
    But of course the S7 has the superior camera and video. But that's what you'd expect with the price in mind.

  6. I can see the S7 4K videos are better than SE…they are very well stabilized and details are awesome, you can read the plaque of the car when it is running along the street
    I think Se camera is very good but you can't fuck with S7 / edge.

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