iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Which should you buy?

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Much noise has been made about the littlest iPhone inheriting the processor and camera of its big brother flagship phone. Considering the price difference between the two, the iPhone SE makes a pretty compelling argument for why you should buy it, especially if you like smaller smartphones. Are there any compromises to be made here, and what reasons might someone have to step up to the larger iPhone 6S? Here’s a quick comparison between Apple’s entry level option and the top of the line iPhone.


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22 Comments on iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Which should you buy?

  1. I wish apple never made the iPhone SE cuz my mom was gonna get me an iPhone 6s but she found out about the iPhone SE and now she's getting me the SE so I hate apple and my mom

  2. What did you mean at the end that the SE will handle future upgrades better due to beefier guts inside? I thought the 6S and the SE have the same insides?

  3. iPhone SE is better. The iPhone SE has the same features as the 6 and 6s the only different is the size. I got one my self, and I recommend the SE to people who misses the 5s and doesn't like big phones.

  4. Im using iphone 6 now…i enjoy using it….i love my past iphone 5s. Using a larger phone doesn't suit me after using a sony z5. Hoping that they will drop price for iphone SE. Or a new innovation design on a 4"phones.

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