iPhone SE Review – Iphone SE vs Iphone 5 [4K]

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iPhone SE Review including camera test, gaming test, speaker test more detailed videos about to come!
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43 Comments on iPhone SE Review – Iphone SE vs Iphone 5 [4K]

  1. I'm upgrading from a 4s, so this is bigger and faster than any 5's and loads cheaper than the 6's. Don't care about speakers or headphone jack. Camera though is a great plus. I rarely take selfies, but even 1.2mp is better than what the 4s has.

  2. "Without a jailbreak they're really useless". Really? iPhones are useless if not jailbroken? I think that comes as a surprise to the hundreds of millions of iPhone owners who seem to find their iPhones quite useful every day without jailbreaking them. I'm one of them.

  3. I think the battery lasts a lot longer, a friend bought one and had to wait for the first charge to completely run out, she went to bed when it was at 1% and it was still going in the morning. My 5s would never do that

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