iPhone SE: 5 Things Before Buying!

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Charge Your iPhone with Fire! https://youtu.be/Gce27LNULcQ
iPhone SE = iPhone 6s internals + 4 inch iPhone 5s body!
iPhone 7 Rumors: https://youtu.be/FVi2olFqbGk

Apple’s new iPhone SE is essentially a 6S crammed inside a 4 inch 5S body. It features the same A9 processor, 12MP camera, 4K video recording but does come up short in a couple departments. There’s no 3D Touch and a lower quality 1.2MP front facing camera but it does sell for $399 (16GB) and $499 (64GB).

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28 Comments on iPhone SE: 5 Things Before Buying!

  1. I dont know which is better for me. I wanted Iphone SE but i think the display is to small. Because i often look on films or videos. But Iphone 6 doesnt have as good camera as SE. So which one? (:

  2. Anybody got this one? How is it? Might consider swapping from an S6, being the only android in the School(maybe not but it feels like that!), I think I might make the swap. Any advice and feedback will be greatly appreciated – thanks in advance!!

  3. i bet the front screen is the same assembly part from the 5s, so maybe it was easier to just leave the front camera original and not design a way to put the better one in.

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