iPhone LTE Speed Test: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s

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A test comparing the LTE speeds of the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 5s.

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26 Comments on iPhone LTE Speed Test: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s

  1. Why does the 5s only have around 30-35 mbit/s although the network is apparently capable of at least 100mbit/s. The 5s lte chip can dowload up to 100mbit/s. So this is either a strange test or the lte chip is damaged.

  2. When I took speed test on my iPhone 5S using LTE, I get top 71 Mbps. But when I changed to iPhone 6 Plus using LTE, surprisingly I get top 138 Mbps (average now 118 Mbps). Wow.. just insane speed, depending on your LTE network and your phone model though.

    I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia btw.. :)

  3. this is the weirdest thing ever. I have h2o right… On H2o you have to install like a setting so that cellular data can work. Thing is once you do it the LET switch is either unless or broken or the setting has been hardwired. Because you can turn it on or off but the Iphones bar says 4g no matter what, it doesn't say LET off or on just 4g all the time… So its nuclear if its LTE speed or not, weird and confusing 

  4. I can't believe that the 5S can only get 35 Mbps down. I already got 60 Mbps down with an iPhone 5. I saw a screenshot of an iPhone 5S which got 90 Mbps down on another Belgian carrier, but I never had that carrier. I now have BASE, and their LTE network sucks… I never got more than 50 Mbps down. Today I had 6 Mbps / 6 Mbps… But I have 300 text messages and 60 minutes a day to call people with the same plan. I also have 100 call minutes + 2000 text messages, which is enough for me. And 2 GB data, all for €15/month, so that's actually pretty cheap.
    But I don't believe these two iPhone are connected to the same LTE antenna… The 5S can do better than that.

  5. It s a fake! I've an iPhone 6 and the LTE it's great! But in this video if u see the time on the speednet test, in the iPhone 6 there isn't. They do a test in a different time! ?

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