iPhone 8 Rumours and Specfications by Apple In 2016

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Apple announce iPhone 8 Rumours and specification in 2016 and release date iPhone 8 new generation smartphone. iPhone 8 advance feature as compare to iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumours and Specifications

This time Apple is going to present an innovative smartphone model with having slick design and powerful specs. Apple is also preparing OS 10 (OS X) for iPhone 8 which is will reduce its power consumption and improve battery performance. Apple iPhone8 is going to have some really innovative technology like fast charging, Retina Scanner, Li-Fi and fingerprint scanner. Rumours are also pointing towards dual-edge display in iPhone 8 like we have seen with Galaxy S7 Edge. Here, We will talk about all these features in details now.

Apple is going to switch from conventional IPS display technology soon after the launch of iPhone 7. Next Apple iPhone is going to have OLED display which will offer wider viewing angle with improved brightness. These displays also help apple to…

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