iPhone 7/6c: New Features & Design Leaks

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What will the iPhone 7’s standout feature be? Aside from a slick new design and the rumored death of the 3.5mm headphone jack, what else does Apple have in store?
What makes Apple’s next iteration of particular interest is because we’re expecting, among a slew of internal improvements, an updated design.
You can always tell what time of year it is when iPhone rumors begin surfacing.

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45 Comments on iPhone 7/6c: New Features & Design Leaks

  1. Get rid of the 3.5mm jack and I'll never buy an iPhone again. I'm not buying the shitty overpriced bluetooth earphones which have inferior sound quality to my $20 earphones. Also thinner = smaller battery with Apple so also fuck Jony Ive and his ridiculous design, the guy has been losing it since Jobs died.

  2. Can't wait for the iPhone 7 well because all new look and iOS 10 and finally going to see if there's going to be no head phone jack , also to see if there's going to be 3gs of ram in the 7 plus

  3. You know, I think it would pretty interesting if Apple ,android,Windows and BlackBerry would collaborate collaborate and design and make "ONE" beautiful masterpiece of a device that would be so fantastic that something totally new would come out if it for future generations of device and methodologies! Or be the biggest hunk of shit known to man! Lol. just an thought! Cheers……….

  4. That is what has stopped me from getting an iPhone ! I admit they work good and are fast but would run slow on an android platform or to fair, about as fast as the galaxy s2! I think Android defectors, I Mean Apple fanboys and girls forget that fact and settle and make excuses for their boring User Interface and say its better! To each their own!

  5. I'm as excited as a puss filled boil on the tip of my gentleman sausage about the new iPhone! Without widgets and no new revolutionary technology that isn't 3 years old already and just made to look new! If Apple finally if ever makes their phones exciting to use and play with, they're just a very pretty "7,000 series metal" paperweight with a dash of boring!

  6. iPhone 7 already?! Tell me I'm not the only one who still has a 4 and lives off free upgrades every year! I'm probably getting a 5 or 5c this August. My mom said whichever phone is free is the one I'm getting and she doesn't know which phone that is.

  7. I swear in 2018 when the "iPhone 9 or 10(x)?? they'll be the size of iPads and the iPhones 6s and 6s plus in 2018 will be considered shit. I currently have the iPhone 5s and almost everyone in my grade either has the newest version or wants one, 2018 since I'm saving up money to get the 6s, I'll be the only one with the 6s and everyone will have phones the size of an iPad, ????

    No hate to Apple, I personally like both Samsung and Apple products ☺️☺️

  8. Now you're trying (producing) too hard to make it look like you're not trying. I get this isn't jon4lakers at your desk anymore but your attempts at production are distracting from the content.

  9. The 6c won't even exist if it does come out it should of came out last year on September instead of the 6s just like the 5c and 5s since the S stands for speed

  10. I was 1 of 20 random people in the U.S. That got picked to request things for the iPhone 7, and I picked safe wireless charging. Then they showed us who picked what, and most ppl picked safe wireless charging.

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