iPhone 7!

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iPhone 7 rumors and more!
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43 Comments on iPhone 7!

  1. If the iPhone 7 has wireless charging, Apple will make you pay more for it as usual just like their cases. If they also replace the headphone jack with another speaker, it better be stereo & have sound coming from both of them not just one, which the iPhone 5/5S/SE have the two speaker grills, but only the rout side has sound while the left is completely mute.

  2. It would be so Cool if IJustine would introduce the IPHONEs at launch it would be better than seeing older men with gray hair telling you about a new product!! Apple needs a revamped way to showcase the phone and other products.

  3. I think that the problem with the Bluetooth headphones isn't the fact that people won't leave you alone. Those people don't care, they could see a sign above you that says, "leave me alone" and they'd still bother you. I like the fact that I could be more discrete listening to music in class. But the problem is- you're going to lose them immediately.

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