iPhone 7 with no Headphone Jack is AWESOME!

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Rumors about the iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack speak poorly of the design change; however, as an audiophile, I view things differently. Allowing the DAC and amp to move outside of the iPhone provides huge opportunities for high fidelity sound from headphone and speaker manufacturers. We might even see Beats come back—but actually high quality with technology to compete with the likes of Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Audeze.

DAC/amp animation done by an awesome viewer: prothecrastinator.com

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  1. you just explained the advantages of using headphones over a lightning connector, what still isn't a reason to not include a hedphone jack… smh

  2. So, you mean instead of having a DAC inside my iphone, I can buy a separate one as a dongle to use any standard headphone, or have a DAC (that I have to buy) installed in every set of headphones that I buy?
    Instead of having a cheap headphone port that uses an industry standard headphone, where I can buy a replacement set of earbuds for 3 bucks if I forget them when I'm traveling, and then having a lightning port that an audiophile can use a DAC/headphone combo…

    Most people aren't audiophiles. Most people want a cheap, easy solution to listen to their crappy low bit MP3's. They'll never sound 'as good as they possibly can'.

    And you can still get an external DAC if you want to listen to your crappy MP3's on 500 dollar headphones.

  3. As an audiophile myself, you are an Apple fan boy. I hate to say it, but you are. The 3.5mm is an electronic standard. It has been for years. Apple slimming the jack down is not creating a proprietary "innovation." They still followed suit in the industry. The problem is that they are using the lightning cable. Those cables are data bottlenecks, proprietary, and extremely overpriced. If Apple cared about the consumer, then they would put a USB C port in the new phone. They won't do that because that causes them to lose their cable market. Why do you think your iPhone cables fray so easily? It's so you buy a new one from Apple. That cheap white rubber isn't just for aesthetics. So yes, buy a $75 converter that will fray in two years and only works on Apple devices. God forbid you plug your headphones into your laptop. If it's a 3.5mm jack plugged into an adapter, then your bottlenecking sound quality. I like Macs. I enjoy iPhones, but I couldn't support them anymore after they degraded their performance for aesthetics. I am a designer. As a designer, you seek compromise. Aesthetics should not take away from performance. If they do, then your design is flawed.

    Moral of the story, buy a phone with a USB C port. It'll work on the new MacBook (don't buy that either, I recommend an iMac at the moment). It will also work on plenty of future devices. Don't fall into the proprietary trap. You be saddled with a pair of headphones that doesn't perform as well as it should that can only reach a higher potential on 1 to 2 devices for a $350+ price tag once you have all your headphones, cables, adapters, and such.

    Like I said, I loved Apple, but the proprietary crap made me switch. I now love my Android phone.

  4. While moving to external DACs would benefit the high end, this could also raise the price floor for bottom end earphones as companies now need to use both a more expensive connector and DAC + AMP.

    Also, a DAC and AMP are necessary components in a phone anyway for it's speakers. They would still remain.

  5. +SnazzyLabs There are guys in developing countries who cannot afford expensive headphones, you know… I have an expensive 3.5 mm jack headphone and really wouldn't want to get a new one. And a white adapter with a black headphone looks UGLY…

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