iPhone 7 VS iPhone 6S (Rumors) – Waterproof, New Liquid Metal & No Home Button: Upgrade or Wait?

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iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, Watch BEFORE you Buy! 2016 iPhone 7 Rumors Include New Waterproof Design, Liquid Metal Frame and No Home Button? Updates here: http://twitter.com/#!/iCrackUriDevice

With Apple having just Introduced the iPhone 6S with 3D Touch, a 4k Camera 2GB of RAM and an A9 CPU, rumors for the iPhone 7 have already started.

1. New iPhone 6S, Pre iPhone 7, Unboxing in Rose Gold + Giveaway:

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2. iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing (Rose Gold – Space Gray) & Review:

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3. 4K iPhone 6S Camera and Video Test:

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Remember, the 2016 iPhone 7 is still a year away, and the iPhone 6S remains a terrific upgrade!

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39 Comments on iPhone 7 VS iPhone 6S (Rumors) – Waterproof, New Liquid Metal & No Home Button: Upgrade or Wait?

  1. If I keep "waiting" for the newest phone, I'll never have one!! Because when the 7 comes out, you'll tell me to wait for the 7s or 8, and etc. So when should I actually stop waiting and buy a phone?!

  2. let me clear this up. you said metal is its own material which is wrong. id say maybe just a different type of metal, not a whole different mineral altogether. also, sapphire is not completely see through. it can not be colourless, and can only be any colour except red. i would say the next strongest would be topaz, a crystal that can be any colour at all.

  3. I would absolutely hate the removal of the physical home button. I love the physical confirmation I'm actually doing something opposed to the touch screen stalling and being powerless. I think apple will keep the home button up to the iphone 10 in my opinion

  4. I got the iPhone 6 Plus last Christmas and when the I phone 6s came out I wasn't really that excited.i mean,it's only a little upgrade and not entirely worth of upgrading to.Thats why I'm going to wait for the iPhone 7.Hopefully the upgrade is worth waiting for and I disagree on removing the home button…How about having more battery life????

  5. I really would hate to see the home button to be removed it would seem like the iphone would be a samsung instead of Apple. The sapphire response was really cool but the touch ID couldn't be sapphire because it is to thick for the technology behind the Touch ID to read the users fingers. But I really did like the rumor that the iPhone would get the Apple Watch feature. I would enjoy that.

  6. I WON AN OFFICIAL APPLE IPHONE 7 CONTEST AND ALSO GET A FREE IPHONE 6S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGOMGOMG ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im just 10….. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAnt get it im not 18……

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