iPhone 7 Video – Based On Rumors

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3D model based on rumors of iPhone 7 device ( Or iPhone 7 Pro )! One of the most realistic concept video of the future iPhone 7 device!
The concept based on the rumors: Dual Camera at the back, shifting shape of antenna lines, new sensor behind the device down, dual speakers, and no headphone jack.

Made by – Geert van Uffelen: http://www.geertvanuffelen.nl
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21 Comments on iPhone 7 Video – Based On Rumors

  1. … u forgot the "all glass" and the bezel-less display, grat work anyway, btw im an android fanboy and i dont like apple products at all gg… but that doesent mean i must be hating this stuff

  2. We have all been waiting far too long for that wow! iPhone from Apple. It's just expected and rather than jump ahead of the competition, lately they've only moved a step or two. This new phone appears to again be a couple steps rather than something amazing. Shows how good they already are.

    Personally I would like to see black faces on colors other than space gray. Also I'd like to see colors besides hideous gold and the rest. A murdered out midnight limited edition "signed" by Steve Jobs could command an extra $100 or do something with the phone body. Add some texture. They're always way too slippery anyway.

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