iPhone 7 specifications iOS 9

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Apple iPhone 7 Features:


Forgot what Steve Jobs had to say about big screen size because iPhone 7 is going to be bigger. Yes, bigger than the bigger iPhone 6 Plus. The screen size will add to the viewing pleasure as pictures are expected to be a lot crisper and videos are going to be clearer, actually larger-than-life. Learning the lesson from the clarity and screen issues of iPhone 5, Apple will try to make sure that it does not repeat the mistake twice and gives its users a screen that has superior clarity. Apart from this, rumors regarding the absence of physical home button or inclusion of TouchID sensor are also getting worked up. If this happens, this will enhance the user-friendly touch navigation for users.


In this digital age, when people are getting crazy over cameras and selfies, Apple will ensure that you do not have to carry a digital camera ever in your bag again. The 14 megapixel front panel camera and 4 megapixel front camera are enough…

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