iPhone 7 Rumours DETAILED: Specs, Hardware & Release Date

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These are the new iPhone 7 features we want to see from the 2016 iPhone release that we expect later this year. All signs point to a the iPhone 7 delivering a major change from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that are on sale currently.

We want new features to come as an upgrade from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 7. Some of these are the same features we hoped Apple would add to the iPhone 6s last year, but Apple left us wanting more.

As 2016 kicks off there are already a lot of iPhone 7 rumors discussing new features, new designs and potential upgrades for the new 2016 iPhone. Many of these make sense considering that Apple employs a tick-tock release cycle that introduces a new design with new features and then adds new features in the same design.

The iPhone 6s concludes the second half of this upgrade cycle and sets up the iPhone 7 release later this year, which could finally add features users have been asking for from Apple for years.

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