iPhone 7 Rumors: Wireless Charging From 15 Feet Away?!

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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus won’t be announced until later this year, but there have been some pretty interesting and crazy rumors and leaks that give us at least some idea of what Apple has in store.

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37 Comments on iPhone 7 Rumors: Wireless Charging From 15 Feet Away?!

  1. So after having cellular signals, wifi signals and so many other signals, we now also have wireless charging signals. That's gonna screw up our health big time. I hope Apple doesn't do that, or at least, don't keep this as the only charging option. And that will be pretty unreliable anyway, most of the time you won't even remember to stay within 15 ft in case your phone is in your pocket.

  2. CAN EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN…?! If apple makes a crappy iPhone we buy samsung s7 or some other phone that is much more reasonable…

    I don't get why everyone is so mad over what a stupid company does ?! buy whatever you want! If you like iPhone, buy iPhone. If you like Samsung, buy Samsung.

    It's the same with consoles…. If you like playstation, buy playstation. If you like xbox, buy xbox!

  3. Guys I did a research project on long range wireless charging last year and that's a complete lie. It's a huge advancement if it can charge from a foot away safely

  4. While the phone may be good I refuse to buy a phone when they force you to buy dongles to make it functional I will stick with my Note 5 until the Note 6 comes out and then I'll get it. The reason behind do removing the 3.5mm headphone jack is so they can make more money plain and simple sure the Sheeples will say that it's a good thing as the lightning port is digital and will produce better quality. Well yes it will but this would ruin my 150 dollar pair of Bose AE2's sure I could get a domgle. Why must I be forced to buy something that should be on the phone why not just have both options available. Well because they want to make more money and give bullshit excuses like saying it will give more room to add stuff or make it thinner is the necessary no so quot being retarded Apple.

    Rather you charge wireless with a charging pad or use the 15ft wireless charging they're both real wireless charging quit making up shit. The wireless charging that is rumored for the iPhone 7 is cool but for me not needed as my phone has fast charging and is already a beast at battery life.

  5. Charging from a distance is one of the best jokes i've ever heard..
    There is no way to transport energy over air or wifi or bluetooth….. Simple fysics beating tech ;)

  6. So, how does lightning headphones equal better audio quality? You would need headphones with built in dac, so earbuds will probably suck and only really expensive headphones will sound somewhat okay.
    Also, why would you ever want dual stereo speakers when they are positioned less than an inch away from each other? How would you even note a difference there?? If you want dual stereo speaker you need one of each end of the phone to justify that

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