iPhone 7 rumors roundup

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Look, I don’t know what the iPhone 7 will be. But it’s coming.

This video was fun to make.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Why would they use smart connectors instead of well established electromagnetic inductive charging like in the apple watch? If it's true it must have some other dual purpose for smart accessories or something.

  2. I literally wouldn't mind if they released the new iPhone and it's twice the thickness of the 6 and 6s to accommodate a monster battery. Give me ALL the juice.

  3. I'm going to get this iPhone 7 Plus. The main thing I really want is waterproof and get rid of the antennae lines. I have a Plus so battery isn't really an issue and yes a better camera is kinda a duh imo. It always happens. Phones have really kind of matured so much that now I think the bigger updates are in the OS. I can't wait to see if they can surprise us with anything (probably won't because of Gurman, but w/e's)

  4. i'm putting my 6s+ on ebay immediately if the 7 comes out with dual cameras. waterproofing for the shower (or rain) would be sick too. the rest of the rumors i'm kinda indifferent about.

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