iPhone 7 Rumors – No Headphone Jack, Wireless Charging

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With a new round of iPhone 7 rumors hitting the web, its time to go over them and roundup what COULD be in the next iPhone. All the details in this video.

Sources: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2015/12/01/apple-said-to-be-testing-iphone-7-prototypes-with-usb-c-wireless-charging/

Apple to drop headphone jack to make iPhone 7 even thinner, rumor claims

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8 Comments on iPhone 7 Rumors – No Headphone Jack, Wireless Charging

  1. ohhh ii see why don't they just make smaller headphones jacks?! and have there own new brand of headphones by themselves to have other people or wireless headphones would be sooooo wonderful with out the struggles of the wires all over the place if the wireless sounds great!

  2. Keep the lightening connector and the head phone jack. Make apple pencil work on the new iPhone with a new type of screen and also do what they did with the iPad pro and make the speakers and music quality better. Add wireless charging and make it water proof and also make a 7 mini because lots of the people still like the size of the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. They could also possibly put in a better battery and do a software update do now the battery saver will be on iPads.

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