Iphone 7 Rumors: No Charging Port No Headphone Jack Wizard 101

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Iphone 7 Wont Have a Charging Port Headphone Jack
Just Tired of the rumors and speculations. Take all these rumors with a grain of salt.
Iphone 7 Rumors: No Charging Port No Headphone Jack Wizard 101
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4 Comments on Iphone 7 Rumors: No Charging Port No Headphone Jack Wizard 101

  1. prime general assassin voice is over processed .

    An yeah i heard the rumour about it not having a normal charging port .

    An i would not put it past apple .
    they have a history of doing their own thing ( like Nintendo ).

  2. As much as I love my apple products, I'll NEVER go back to android, but apple SERIOUSLYYYYY needs to stop putting out new phones EVERY year, cause to be honest, many apple users swear by their old versions of the phones compared to newer versions. Its just a ploy to make more money. I still only have a 5c, and I'm only upgrading to a 5s this coming summer because i need more space, i got my 5c quickly cause it was free and i needed a phone, but 8gb isnt enough for me, so i've been saving money to upgrade to a 5s with 32gb of memory, i cant wait.

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