iPhone 7 Rumors – Ming Chi Kuo Knows It All

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iPhone 7 Rumors – Ming Chi Kuo Knows It All
The iPhone 7 is the next big thing that people are expecting next. Rumors have already started flooding the internet and people have started giving their verdict on what the phone is going to be like. at The Rem, we intend to round up all these rumors and share them with you, so that you are able to get all the information about the iPhone 7 right here.
Apple’s next iPhone is highly anticipated. The question is, whether it will be the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6c, which is rumored to be a 4 inch device, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2016. Although we do not know if the other rumors we hear on the internet are worth mentioning or not, we would definitely like to mention the rumors we hear from insiders.
Perhaps the most important source is the KGI securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. Almost all of his predictions about…

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