iPhone 7: Rumors & Concepts (2015-2016)

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The iPhone 7 is coming in less than a year! Here’s what to expect in Apple’s upcoming phone.

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Another iPhone 7 Concept:

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46 Comments on iPhone 7: Rumors & Concepts (2015-2016)

  1. Apple is like Orange County Choppers. They just use parts and put it together. And just like those idiots at Orange County Choppers, Apple runs into a lot of problems because they didn't make the parts themselves.

  2. If the i7 looks anything like this video above i would gladly get it over the samsung s7. That's already have many complaining over damage and samsung refusing to work something out with it's costumers who invested heavy into their product .

  3. wow I like this idea but I am scared that we are going to be an alien. Ok think about this alien have big eyes why? Because their phone screen is big and they are some kind of stuck on the phone like humans. So we should make the screen less big and the phone size too . Look at the Iphone 6plus it can bend easily and it is abit heavy some more the battery can explode or catch fire . I hope to see a better Iphone 7.Good luck!

  4. Apple has gone to sleep with innovation make a full body slide which can be bendable and the shape of a cube and call it ifone 6.9ssx ifone puppets hanging around like sheep lol BRING BACK NOKIA……hehe

  5. Какой смысл им делать Эдж дисплей на айфоне если эта ху*ня есть у Самсунг? apple ведь не повторюшки они стараются создать свой дизайн тем более они и так уже скатились.

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