iPhone 7: Rumors & Concepts (2015-2016)

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iPhone 7: All the Concepts about the specs, design and features of Apple’s 2016 iPhone 7

Innovative Screen.
Parachute System.
Instant Charging in 1 Second.

Announcement and release dates

According to Apple’s traditional cadence, new iPhone models debut in the fall. The 6S and 6S Plus were unveiled on September 9 and
hit store shelves on September 25, and we have every reason to expect the next major update to come around the time that kids head
back to school in 2016.

Though no official invitations have been made yet, however, the company’s next big event is rumored to be scheduled for March 2016.

Given that the Apple Watch would be coming up on its first birthday in April 2016, it’s likely that such an event would be focused on its successor. And while it’s possible we could also see a new iPhone early in 2016, that would more likely be the rumored

iPhone 6C — an updated small iPhone to…

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