iPhone 7 – Rumors

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iPhone 7 – Rumors

What is going on guys Apple Fox here and in this video i will talk to you about the upcoming iPhone and that topic is really exciting for all of us waiting for new iPhone to be released. The iPhone 7 is going to be introduced in September 2016 and now i’m about to show you some of the rumors that are very likely to be true and which things and features we could possibly see with the introduction of the iPhone 7.
There are so many concepts and visuals of the upcoming iPhone that look very unlikely to happen and nobody should believe this kind of pictures and videos that are out there.
But let’s focus on the rumors that might actually be true. So the first thing has to be the possible removal of the headphone jack. I know everyone has talked about it for a very long time but it’s very likely that we won’t have the option to use or classic 3 and half milimiter earpods and we’ll have to use bluetooth accessories instead. Or the earpods may look like this…

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