iPhone 7 Rumors: 2 Cameras, No Headphone Jack and More | Mashable

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What will your next iPhone behold? Though the release date is still TBD, there are already a lot of rumors about the possible features Apple might nix or improve in the iPhone 7. Mashable Creative Producer Sam Sheffer, Senior Tech Correspondent Christian Warren and Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff address the top seven iPhone 7 rumors. Apple is expected to unveil the features of the iPhone 7 this fall.

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Featuring Lance Ulanoff, Sam Sheffer and Christina Warren
Video by Keith Hopkin

19 Comments on iPhone 7 Rumors: 2 Cameras, No Headphone Jack and More | Mashable

  1. iPhone without auxiliary cable output = My Honda Accord without trunk

    Headphone jack is not just for earphones
    What about the ones playing music directly to mixer, interface, old car…
    Let's not buy iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 will come with 3.5 mm jack again

  2. What I think:
    1. iPhone should not remove the earphone jack
    2. Wireless charging possibility could be huge
    3. Water resistant or waterproofing should happen like, seriously
    4. 15ft. Wireless charging? That would be so cool!
    5. Dual camera? I'd like to see it tho…
    6. Removing home button? Please don't 🙁
    7. Expandable storage? Nope.

  3. Stop bitching about your headphones, just use the ones included with the phone. I hate sheep stopping progress. People lost their shit at the new Macbook with the type C USB. But do you really need USB ports? HDMI ports? Thunderbolt? FireWire? Ethernet?…

  4. I've been using exclusively AptX Bluetooth headphones for the last six months and I'm a total convert. I don't care about the loss of quality, the freedom of cordless is now more important. So, yeah, I see the point, but I can't recommend to remove the jack just to have a fking slimmer phone. Stop with the anorexic phones, Apple!

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