iPhone 7 Pro Leaked!

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What The New iPhone 7 Pro Will Look Like! iPhone Pro Leaked Schematics, Smart Connector & Dual Lens Sensor!

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  1. I think apple should start making their phones for their customers instead of for the sales. I can't commit to an apple phone from a Galaxy because there's too much lost which comming from apple,they need to find a way to do everything better than galaxy features yet have a simple mode where everything is basic iphone

  2. And we know now that by releasing iPhone 7 ….. APPLE IS FORFEITING IN FRONT OF SAMSUNG


  3. very informative video as usual but I'm a bit confused with your opinion about the speakers vs more battery,the way I see it its handy to have phone speakers especially if you share stuff with sound with people around you in quite places as a quick fix but if you really want to listen to anything properly, external speakers or good headphones are the way to go.More battery makes more sense, you can never get enough of battery if really like using your phone.I could care less if for instance the Apple watch had a tiny speaker as long as it had weeks of battery I could use it a lot more. Good video though

  4. I don't think it's called the 7 I think the model we are going to see at the end of the summer is the 6se. The reason why I feel this way the 2017 model is getting all the treatment.

  5. If the new iPhone came with wireless charging, a larger battery, stereo speakers and a better front facing camera and a new redesign id be happy.
    I personally really disliked the 6/6s models. I wish there was a version similar to the 5S/SE but the the larger screens. I personally would really enjoy a thicker, blockier iPhone if it had a more modern redesign inspired by the 5 models. They were the perfect iPhone imo. Im still using my 5S and it looks spectacular. Ive been wanting to upgrade for a while but the 6 models look and feel like crap and I want a larger screen than the SE. I was hoping to get the 7 but the way its looking I'm not very excited about this at all. I might go for the Nexus or Samsung edge for my next phone.
    It sucks because I really like how iOS is implemented throughout my Apple devices but at this point the only reason id stick with an iPhone it would be for the OS and thats just not cutting it for me anymore.

  6. I'm hoping that the iPhone 7 gets dual lightning ports. The second port could be used for faster charging or a smarter connection between the phone and a pair of headphones, for example.

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