iPhone 7 – Powered By Intel & Samsung!

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Latest iPhone 7 Leaks & Rumors! iPhone 7 To Have Intel Inside, Future Samsung Collaboration & No More ‘S’ Upgrades!

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  1. Apple kills themselves from within. If you can do things that you can do with last gen models that are on the new gen model then many of those new gen models will not be sold because it will be cheaper for the buyer to buy the last gen model and have some of the same features. While Android companies improve things and force you to upgrade to newer models they get more new gen models sold. Best tactics are not allowing old gen models being able to upgrade to newer os versions which helps force users to upgrade.

  2. without samsung apple is just nothing.. for the real deal specifications they need samsung ( off course ) but i hate apple so much never liked it. Samsung is best on the world right now. proud owner of a s7 edge ( exynos )

  3. So this guy is the biggest Apple fan and he's telling us the more leaked news he finds the less excited he is about the release. Geez, I know people really love their iphone but seeing this and his multiple iPhone 7 leak videos, what other proof do you need??? Concidering these leaks are true. I believe him and I'm also getting less and less excited about the release in September. This guy is working day and night, making the calls, and sending DM'S back and forth with this repeatable Asian guy to get these leaks to you. Hell yeah I subscribed. Ima come back next week for more bad news about the release in September.
    Times are changing, Apple isn't

  4. Can someone give me legitimate reasons to jailbreak? Like sure I would prefer the android looks to it, but what is there? Also can void insurance for some contracts

  5. Weird how you think its strange that apple wasn't the first to not have a headphone jack. There have been plenty without and apple is almost never the first company to introduce new features – they just tend to do it the best and hence they're trendsetters

  6. I believe that 2017 iPhone will most likely be called iPhone 7S. The rumor that Apple will drop the S naming cycle comes around every 2 years. People are expecting a bigger update than the recent number update. The update does come out. The S release is as big as people thought it would be. The number releases have a different design and usually have bigger screen so they are easy to to tell apart (You would not mistake an iPhone 3G for 2G, 4 for 3GS, 5 for 4S or 6 for 5S) if you know the designs. since the S upgrades have the same designs they do not stand out. Having the same design and same number it is easy to overlook S updates as giant updates. Number releases have new designs but S releases have more new features. The rumors about the 2017 iPhone seem typical of S releases

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