iPhone 7 Plus Rumors: No More 16GB & 256GB!

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iPhone 7 Plus Rumors & 2016 Reports! No 16GB Storage Configuration and a larger 256GB Option? What to Expect & Leaks!

Watch my ‘Top 5 iPhone 7 Rumors’ video first – HERE: https://youtu.be/zJsbaGvdzf8?list=PLT0Hj8-B-w6OOuJQNaExW1LInm5bdgrBP

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49 Comments on iPhone 7 Plus Rumors: No More 16GB & 256GB!

  1. I'm only going to get a iPhone 7 if it has 256Gbs I don't give a fuck for any other upgraded feature. I have a 128gb now and have no space lol. It's not like I'm using this app for games pics and videos but I'm using it to import music software into an app called Beatmaker 2. The more sounds the more creativity.

  2. I hope they get rid of 16gb model and replace it with at least 32 gb instead. 16 gb was good back then but since apps and system updates are more advanced now 16gb is not enough.

  3. 256 gb option for iphone ? that would be bad for iphone but it would be good for ipads. Because 128 gb option for iphone is expensive enough but 256 gb version would be really expensive.

  4. 256 gigs is, what I believe too much for a phone. Some will disagree but I guarantee 70% of people don't use more that 64 gigs. Maybe for something to the extent of the iPad, or iPad pro, would be more appropriate due to the iPads usage for business, work, and other tasks. And take note that the iPad pro is meant to replace a desktop/laptop, and should later be running larger programs.

  5. A for effort ? ~ I personally think they should come out with a revised iPhone 5s, with out a doubt that was the best phone and perfect size and comfortable shape and fit and us short people can reach across the screen with their thumbs on it plus it was nicely designed. Then if Apple would get their head out of their ass and stop making those stupid looking icons and docks and give us back some beautiful creativity like this shadows they also took away and go back to the iOS 6 look but just hop up all the chips and quality parts up-to-date then life would be great and I would buy again. Let's face it ? nobody wants to admit it but the iPhone 6 & 6s model is ugly and iOS 7 and up sucks dick ! Thinner is not always better,, especially when the camera sticks out and scratches at the table. Even the for S was a beautiful phone but just a little too heavy. I think the 6 model is the worst model and I've had every iPhone since they came out and I'm speaking from experience ? 5s5s5s !!!

  6. And file wise Apple updates currently take up to 3-4 gbs every update the No longer need files are removed,Also files from cydia unless your going crazy you might have 10-14 thousand which might be a little over a gb

  7. ? I think it is total overkill for a phone, I think if you really need 256 GB of storage to carry around with you – the majority of that would be used for work or Business use anyway ~ such as drafting and so forth which you would need a computer for anyway. I really really believe Apple had it right with the iPhone 5s, if they would come out with a revised iPhone 5s model I would definitely buy it and be done with it. It is the perfect phone for regular size people the majority of people meaning between five and five and 59 is most comfortable to reach across the screen with a 5S where the iPhone 6 is definitely irritatingly too large and is even more heavy same with the 6S although this is just my opinion but I would love to hear what the public would have to say about having a revised hopped up iPhone 5s with all the modern technology chips and so forth along with going back and redesigning the iOS platform and eliminating that hideous dock and replaceing it with a refreshed IOS6

  8. If the 7 plus comes with 16gb then I'll be getting a Samsung galaxy note 6 I'm not going to pay almost 900 dollars for 16gb anymore it's just not enough memory because your really only getting 10 or 11 GB ?

  9. Yes, get rid of that crappy 16GB, You cant do anything with it especialy now that apps cannot be backed up onto iTunes, you have to redownload them via iTunes to have them or you will have to redownload.

  10. 32,64,128,256 are good or just 64 for the first one especially for 4k videos and it be better if there was 4k photos and theres more space for apps, games, photos, music, movies tv, etc.

  11. I had the 4, 4s, and 5 at 16 gigs, then the 5S at 32, then the 6plus and 6Splus at 128. The 16gig worked for me then as it was a personal device, and I was not totally geeked out. The 32 was good, but the apps require more and more. I am good with 128, I actually was able to not carry a blackberry any more (which I had for business). I wont need 256, as I dont use the game apps I have now…and I still have tons of room left.

    16 could work in business, as email is the only thing companies would allow. But not for personal, I would assume….on a mass scale.

  12. need more space, believe it 16 GB isn't enough in this era I have an 16 GB iPhone model this phone is awesome because of its low storage capacity however I call it the regret model

    If you planning to get one and want to buy a iPhone with more storage capacity

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