iPhone 7 official video reviews by apple in 2016

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All the leaks, rumours and details for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and/or iPhone 7 Pro

Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference has now concluded and we have final details about the company’s major software updates for 2016: iOS 10, macOS, tvOS and watchOS 3. The former of which will ship aboard Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 handsets and you can expect to see these announced in September.

There was no hardware announced at WWDC, however, and this was slightly disappointing. Many reports suggested Apple would release a Sonos-style Siri Speaker that would be able to answer questions, perform basic tasks and, of course, stream music and media around the home. This did not happen, obviously. But Apple did confirm that Siri is now open to developers and this in itself is rather significant. Siri is pretty terrible at present but should vastly improve…

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