iPhone 7 | New Features & Rumors

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iPhone 7 release date rumours, new features, patents | New Lightning EarPods & wireless AirPods rumoured.
iPhone 7 rumours are flying, and we’ve picked up lots of hints about new features that could appear in the iPhone 7, from wireless charging to a touchscreen with built-in Touch ID. It’s believed that Apple is going to ditch the 3 point 5 mm headphone jack – and people aren’t happy. And we’ve got our first leaked photos of iPhone 7 prototypes
Main sections in this article:
 Macworld’s verdict on the iPhone 7
 Introduction: What is the iPhone 7
 iPhone 7 launch date rumours
 iPhone 7 design rumours
 iPhone 7 new features rumours
 iPhone 7 specification rumours
 iPhone 7 images and videos: leaked images, concept illustrations etc
If you’re looking for information about the current iPhone range, by the way, read and watch our video form link below:

see more at : http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-6s/

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