iPhone 7 – Leaks & Rumors

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iPhone 7 – Specs, design, camera, release date, price & build.
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The iPhone 7 is the next upcoming phone for Apple and is set to dominate the smartphone market. The iPhone 7 is rumored to ditch the metal body in order to create a waterproof and dust proof iPhone.
The iPhone 7 is set to use OLED display giving it a better picture quality as well as a resolution upgrade to either full hd or Quad HD. The iPhone 7 will be packing Apple’s A10 processor s well as 3GB of Ram which should make it speed. If rumors are true apple will be removing the headphone jack in order to make the iPhone 7 which is surely going to take a hit on battery life. But until the release of the iPhone 7 we can only speculate. Make sure to Subscribe, Like, Share, and Comment!.

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  1. The iPod touch is thinner then the iPhone 6S, and it still has a 3.5mm jack. The point of removing the jack is to provide more space on the inside of the phone. Also the DAC, and AMP inside of smart phones aren't very good because of limited space. By removing the headphone jack manufactures will begin building headphones with the DAC, and AMP built in to drive those specific headphones to their highest performance capability. Removing the 3.5mm jack might just cause the biggest jump in mobile audio performance since the iPod was first released.

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