iPhone 7 – Leaks & Rumors (unboxing)

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The iPhone 7 will be here in September and it needs to be the best smartphone Apple has ever released. When the iPhone 7 is launched, it’ll meet tough competition from top Android handsets such as the Samsung S7 and LG G5 – but will also need to give existing iPhone owners a good reason to upgrade.

Everything we know about the iPhone 7, analysed and in one place.


iPhone 7 Rumours and Leaks – Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s next Phone

● Apple working on long-distance wireless charging
● iPhone 7 could have TWO cameras on the back
● Waterproof design
● Li-Fi connectivity
● Design
● Apple could release THREE versions of the iPhone 7
● Release date
● Price


“The Complex” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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