IPhone 7 – Leaks- Masculine Man

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Hello Fellow Men, Welcome Back to another video.
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We all know what the Apple iphone is. The Smartphone that breaks easily and has crappy battery life. Oh so we thought, With Every new Generation Of Smartphone coming out, it seems as if the quality is getting better too. Over the past six months New leaks have been happening almost twice a week. These leaks include dual lense Camera’s , Multi touch id and a glass encasing . But the question is, Does this new Iphone beat it’s predecessor? The release date of this new smartphone is looking as if it will fall in December but may just as easily come out next January. I prefer the Iphone because of the damn good camera. Also because It’s the cliche device for a Man of my position to carry. Will you buy the new Iphone after being informed of these new advancements ? Let me know in the comments section below. Also be sure to…

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