iPhone 7 leaks, Galaxy S7 Edge comparisons, and Windows app woes | Pocketnow Weekly 192

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The iPhone 7 might be the leakiest iPhone yet, in that we’re seeing quite a few shots of the camera and antenna bands. The Galaxy S7 Edge does battle with the S6 Edge+ and Note 5. Windows Phone users say goodbye to HERE Maps, and the camera on the Galaxy S7 is THOROUGHLY reviewed. 

We’ve been hard at work covering news stories and producing the next generation of phone reviews. We recently started a new series of videos delving deeper into camera performance and photography term definitions, and of course we’ll be tackling your questions and comments. Make sure you’re charged and ready! It’s podcast time on episode 191 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the video broadcast from 2:00pm Eastern on March 17th, or check out the high-quality audio version starting at 3pm Eastern on Friday(!). And don’t forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!

Pocketnow Weekly 192
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31 Comments on iPhone 7 leaks, Galaxy S7 Edge comparisons, and Windows app woes | Pocketnow Weekly 192

  1. Iphone models are outdated and the 7 looks similar to what we are familiar with, and the 7S-edge from Samsung is a leap forward in innovation, look at the display.
    Apple creativity is ended, they were never phone makers.(just stealing ideas form others phone manufacturers)

  2. Great podcast you guys! Also I noticed you two having a hard time naming companies keeping phones up to date making the phone last at least 2 years. I know their presence is almost nonexistant here but would Sony be one of those companies that tries to keep their phones up to date?

  3. Can't get the video, just endless reruns of T-Mobile commercial.
    Really annoying.
    Anyone else notice that so many commercials are piggy-backing on youtube vids, or is it just my PC?

    Where is Fisher?

  4. Just a note to say that the Dell Streak did in fact have a cellular radio. I used it as my main phone for 2 years, much to many people's amusement. The bezel ratio on it wasn't great, but it was clear to me then that 5" was the future for phones.

    I have usually tended to not care about the distinction between a phone and a phablet. A phone is the size it is. But your definition of a phablet as a device that has added functionality, that negates the need for a tablet, that makes sense to me, and not many large phones fit that description.

  5. I reeeeeallly really miss Michael Fisher, like a lot.  This Juan and Stephen chemistry is not working.  Stephen should take more control and Juan should use less universal "we" consumer conversations.  Also, Juan you are really smart, but please stop explaining things like you are talking to someone who knows nothing about anything.  Jules feel free to use that "get on with it" sound effect more.

  6. I use Uber and I love the service I think any innovation is going bumps and in this case God awful set backs, but I don't Uber or anyone else would have known this guy was crazy unless it was on his record, with that said I don't think Uber shouldn't be punish for this one guy awful actions. My prayer go out to the victims of this tragic situation

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