iPhone 7 LEAKED – Dual Camera?

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Close look at the LEAKED Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus Pro Case to give us an idea of what to expect!
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This leaked iPhone 7 Case tells us a lot about what the design, camera, headphone-jack, speakers, screen, specs of the iPhone 7 may look like when it releases in September 2016.

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32 Comments on iPhone 7 LEAKED – Dual Camera?

  1. I phone is also walking behind all other phones , just like copying. it is just following their ideas but it is late in following .
    dual camera ? why apple need dual camera?
    lagsung and apple both are competing each other in copying other devices.
    if dual camera is an idea of apple it should release before lg. it is not idea it is copy .

  2. God apple stop this get thinner madness, give me a phone that isnt flat by the afternoon, ESPECIALLY since the battery isnt removable… no more innovation to see here, move along.

  3. Being that we are 6 months away from the Iphone 7, I cant see how this case can be for the Iphone 7. I very much doubt Apple have even finished designing the Iphone 7 yet. It wont go into production until the summer.

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