iPhone 7 In The Flesh! Leaked Dummy & More Details

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NEW iPhone 7 Details Emerge. New Leaked Dummy, iPhone 7 Schematics, Smart Connector Details & More.

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  1. I'm not upgrading anymore. I am not using speakers nor wireless headphones. Your more likely to lose headphones, which means money loss by a lot more (ugh). I am completely OK with a 6s and is not happy with their new look. Its ugly.

  2. Why does he say that the 2017 iPhone will be a breakthrough? Normally it's the one after the "S" models that's the brand new design…Which is the 7/7+ …

  3. The reason Apple doesn't change much with their phones is because many people who don't know much about tech buy iPhones for simple task, so they try to keep it simple for those.

    But now Apple is going to start leaving the regular iPhone 7 for people who want something simple, and build a "iPhone 7 Pro" to try to get people who want to see change in a phone. They're going to market the tech head, which is smart.

    They could have done this years ago, but the iPhone 7 pro has to be more expensive than the regular, and they don't want to lower the regular iPhone's price.
    They're asking themselves "Just because this phone has to be more expensive than the regular, do we really have to lower that price point so we don't enter the 'too expensive for anyone to buy' range?"

    But Apple is in hot water with their sells. So we're either going to see them lower the regular iPhone price in a attempt to get better business, or keep the price for the regular, and raise the price for "Pro" model because.. well, they're Apple, they do whatever the ** they want.

    And because they know some people have to show that they have the most expensive phone on the market, they added a second camera to the pro model so people can easily see someone paid more for their phone, vs ones who just brought the regular.
    Also, by 2019 iPhones will likely have micro SD card slots. That's my estimate.

  4. The Watch didn't leak because it was first shown WAY ahead of production. Remember the leaks are from the manufacture supply chain, if a product hasn't started production it probably won't leak.

  5. It's official the iPhone 7 will be the same old crap design as the 6 and no new features or very minor ones. Everyone's waiting for next year's OLED iPhone instead. I predict this year's iPhone will be a colossal flop in the making and apple will be so embarrassed with the low sales. 

  6. I don't understand these leak videos…. "Maybe this, maybe that, probably not this, but probably that. In the end who knows?!" lol this is all speculation at this point. Nothing seems to match up. Everything's contradicting one another

  7. Hey man I love your videos you do a really good job!

    I'm 15 and currently have an iPhone 4s and it is rediclious it hardly works. I have been working really hard doing a paper round to try and save up for an iPhone 7pro and I'm nearly there.

    I am upset that the iPhone 8 will be loads better but I really can't wait for another year as my 4s is practical extinked.

    I was wondering weather you could do a video on why you should get an iPhone 7 and why it's worth the upgrade and all the good features that it Will have. Thank you so much I love your channel

  8. Who's excited to buy their first pair of over-priced Lightning headphones? They'll be marginally better than your current headphones (if that) and only work with one device, but that's progress, right?

    C'mon, Apple. Give the iPhone 7 a1080p AMOLED display and screen-on time comparable to Android rivals and that'd be revolutionary enough for a lot of iPhone users.

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