iPhone 7 – How Thin Is Too Thin?

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iPhone 7 Rumors? With Apple’s iPhone 6S September 9th 2015 Unveiling, New iPhone 7 Plus Thin Design Rumors have hit!

Updated on 01/30/16: New iPhone 7 Rumors – Is This It?! https://youtu.be/m-GGasMoAsg

What to Expect – iPhone 6S: https://youtu.be/WoaD7ybTA7E

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26 Comments on iPhone 7 – How Thin Is Too Thin?

  1. The thickness of the 5s was perfect why the fuck are they making phones so bloody thin? The iPhone 6 is too thin making it slippery and uncomfortable in the hand. Plus it's the ugliest design ever with those awful rounded corners which all the phone companies are doing. When you look at the 6 it looks like a cheap Chinese design. Apple have truly lost the plot and Johnny Ive is past his best he is making crap designs now. No more of this minimilistic bullshit on phones we want premium looking phones that are a bit thicker and great designs like the 5s hell even the 4s is better looking than the ugly assed 6. The stupid idiots will probably make the new 4 inch iPhone design the same as the 6 which I won't be buying if they do.

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