iPhone 7 – Future Screen

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The iPhone 7 need to be part from the future and the main part is the screen! new amazing concept shows us the future of the screens! Bezels? why.. Physical Home Button? no.

Let’s talk a little about the concept ( According to designer ):
I focused on simple design language which is very important for Apple company. I designed a curved display without bezel equipped with a software home button.

The back rounded body is designed in an aluminium material supplemented with a plastic strip for better holding.

The great revolutionary novelty in my project was the idea of connection iPhone and iPad. You can connect iPhone to the iPad and turn the devices into a gaming station. I want present iPhone 7 concept as an evolution in Apple design. Check my behance profile for more informations.

The concept designed by Marek Weidlich, check his Behance profile for more informations: http://behance.net/marekweidlich . The video editing by Ran Avni, ConceptsiPhone.


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  1. Regarding the prototype shown,many materials can bend in 2 dimensions (i.e. fold) but not in 3. Continuing the wrap-around into the corners of the device requires making a 3 dimensional bend which may be beyond what the display and materials technology is capable of. Many of the prototype designs patented by Apple show a wrap-around on the sides but not top and bottom. This may be more likely.

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