iPhone 7 Final Leaks – The BIGGEST Disappointment Yet !?

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14 Comments on iPhone 7 Final Leaks – The BIGGEST Disappointment Yet !?

  1. I really like the new "Deep Blue" color. Problem with all colors, we cover them with cases (naturally). As wonderful as technology is, we buy the new iPhone 7, and in rolls the new iPhone7+, then the iPhone7Pro. Honestly, it pains me to hear that my beloved iPhone6+, 128G, JailBroken on IOS 9.0.2 is an OLD device! Tech gets sold out the front door as new tech is delivered in the back door….

  2. i think this year's iphone 7 design is the worst that i've ever seen.  the antenna band new placement makes it fucking ugly . i definately won't buy it . never

  3. Not cool Apple! A new color? Big woop, true tone display? wow big deal….. Apple has become more greedy than ever and I think it will hurt their business in the long run.

  4. Dude I've been a sub since day 1. At first it was because I loved your accent but now it's because you're banging out the best videos around. Keep up the great work and I'm enjoying watching your channel grow. Have a blessed day!

  5. I still wate tim cock thai chinese deflopers secretly a jailbreake inside apple LAB because hackers work on Apple LAB
    EX EMPLOYERS FIRED THEY REVENGE ON APPLE and Apple know wat is jailbreake so Apple need to sale more devices
    So jailbreake team are team with Apple Silicone street if team work together in secretly this is very cool

  6. NOOOOOOOOOO STUPID APPLE WTF WHY NO NEW DESIGN I WANNA NEW IPHONE FOR JAILBREAKE IO10/11/23/56565656556565656565656565565656556565665655656565677888@&&@&@&@&&€€))()((((;(;;;;::::/:////-||||~}####%%%%^%^^^^^^*++*++++=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+==+=+==+=+=+=+=+=+=+

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